Video Editing


Program Synopsis

In the era of the digital economy and prevalent use of social media platforms, videos play an integral role to entertain, engage and disseminate messages to audiences, be it for educational, commercial or entertainment purposes. Attaining the artistry and technical proficiency to create videos that are visually appealing and attention-grabbing is key. Thus, the increasing demand for Video Editors as full-time employees or freelancers.

Our short-term, high impact Video Editing up-skilling professional certificate program is designed to create an accelerated employment pathway for young professionals.


Program Modules

9 modules — 70 topics — 3 months of studying. The course takes place on weekdays throughout the period of 11 weeks with the final 1 weeks of in-person training to prepare for the professional certificate examination. All classes are held live with the opportunity for trainees to ask questions. In the event of missed lessons, trainees can view its recording in trainee’s personal account.
-Digital Marketing
-Digital Marketing Strategy
-Content Marketing
-Graphic Design
-Motion Graphics
-Visual Effects
-Video Production
-Video Editing
-Live Stream Production



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