3D Animation


Program Synopsis

3D animation movies and television shows are amongst the most highly marketable entertainment content globally, arising from the ease of adaptability into any language. As such 3D Artists are much sought after in today’s job market. There are various specialists in 3D animation, in production pipeline areas such as modelling, rigging, lighting, texturing, rendering, compositing and animation. 3D Artists are also sought after for the production of video games, television commercials, music videos and other forms of video content.

This short-term, high impact 3D Animation up-skilling professional certificate program is designed to create an accelerated pathway for employment.


Program Modules

7 modules — 21 topics — 3 months primarily of practical training. The course takes place on weekdays throughout the period of 10 weeks with the final 2 weeks of in-person training to prepare for the professional certificate examination. All classes are held live with the opportunity for trainees to ask questions. In the event of missed lessons, trainees can view its recording in trainee’s personal account.

– Animation Fundamentals

-Body Dynamics and Mechanics

-Acting Techniques

-Advanced Body Mechanics

-Dialogue and Expressions

-Shot Creation

-Video Editing





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