Terms and Conditions

By paying the online training fee for The Program, you (The Trainee) agrees to be bound by the Terms & Conditions of sale specified herein and any other provision as may be specified from time to time.

1. The Program organizer is KRU Academy Sdn. Bhd. (“KRU”).

2. The training fee is quoted in Ringgit Malaysia.

3. The admission to attend The Program is limited to The Trainee only and no other individual is allowed to gain access to The Program other than the person as per the name and identity card holder of the individual registered in The Program.

4. The Program shall be conducted virtually and/or physically at the specified venue (if conducted physically), date and time stated in this website.

5. The Trainee shall attend the training session as scheduled. The Trainee is required to register not later than ten (10) minutes before the start time of the training session of The Program for a briefing by KRU’s administrator.

6. KRU shall provide qualified trainer(s), facilities, software and high speed internet connection at KRU’s premises, as applicable, to produce an optimum training experience and outcome for The Trainee.

7. The Trainee will be provided with equipment and facilities by KRU during the physical training session(s) if any. While normal wear and tear is acceptable, The Trainee is fully responsible for any loss or permanent damage of the equipment and facilities assigned to The Trainee and The Trainee is liable to pay for the damages at full cost to replace the said equipment and facility.

8. In the event of a temporary technical glitch caused by a third party during The Program including but not limited to the disruption of internet connectivity provided by KRU’s service provider, KRU shall provide replacement training hours whether on the same day or any other day deemed fit by KRU.

9. During virtual training session(s), KRU shall not be responsible for any technical glitches at The Trainee’s premises including poor internet connectivity. No replacement training hours shall be provided by KRU for such occurrences. Nevertheless, The Trainee shall be allowed access to the recorded version of the training session(s) during The Program.

10. In an unlikely event of postponement, KRU reserves the right to reschedule The Program provided always that prior written notice is given to The Trainee via email not later than seven (7) days from the original schedule of The Program.

11. KRU shall only be allowed to make one (1) postponement (if any) to organize The Program within ninety (90) days of the postponement. In the event KRU fails to re-organize which results to the cancellation of The Program within the said period, The Trainee shall be entitled to a full refund to be paid within five (5) business days of the said cancellation.

12. For physical training session(s), KRU undertakes that all trainer(s), personnel and other trainees attending the same training session(s) attended by The Trainee are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. The Trainee is also required to provide evidence of complete vaccination and observation period against Covid-19.

13. All KRU’s trainer(s), personnel and trainees in the same training room are required to take the Covid-19 rapid test kit on weekly basis throughout the Training Program.

14. KRU reserves the right to suspend any physical training session in the event that any of the KRU trainer(s), personnel and trainees attending the same training room tests positive for Covid-19.

15. The Trainee hereby agrees to attend training sessions punctually, give full cooperation and respect the trainer(s) and/or all other KRU’s personnel at all times. KRU reserves the right to remove and/or prohibit The Trainee from entering the training session whether virtually or physically for any misbehaviour; including physical and/or verbal abuse during the training session(s).

16. The Trainee reserves the right to file a complaint against KRU’s trainer(s) and/or KRU’s personnel through (http:/bit.ly/professionalcertificate) whereby the case shall be heard by the Chief Executive Officer of KRU Academy Sdn. Bhd. and/or any other person appointed by him as the arbitrator, provided always that the person is not a party directly involved in the dispute. All decisions made at the arbitration is final without appeal.

17. KRU shall undertake the public liability insurance for all trainer(s), personnel and trainees attending the physical training session(s) only. The Trainee voluntarily assumes all risk and danger incidental to The Program whether occurring prior to or subsequent to the actual physical training session, including any death, personal injury, loss, damage or liability.

18. KRU’s liability shall be limited to the training fees paid by The Trainee only except for any other penalty or liability to The Trainee provided under the Laws of Malaysia.

19. All training content shared by KRU and its trainer(s) including but not limited to live and/or recorded lectures, course materials (including but not limited to textual, audio and visual content) are the sole property of KRU Academy Sdn. Bhd. in perpetuity and throughout the world. The Trainee is allowed access to the training content for personal use only. All forms of sharing either on peer to peer basis or publicly through printed or electronic formats, especially through social media platforms is strictly prohibited and The Trainee is liable for copyright infringement under the 1987 Copyright Act and any amendment(s) thereafter.

20. KRU also reserves the right to publish all textual (name, testimonials, etc), audio and/or visual (video, artworks, photographs, etc) related to The Trainee during the Training Program for any promotional purpose whether on printed or electronic format throughout the world and in perpetuity

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