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3D Animation, Celebrity, Entrepreneur, Video Editing

Aligned with global consumption trends, Malaysia’s e-Commerce market size is projected to grow at 15.32% compounded annual growth rate; from 2021 to 2025 to reach over US$11 billion by 2025. This amazing growth prospects and shift in consumer behaviors will enable entrepreneurs to expand businesses domestically and internationally.

The program designed by SEGi College Subang Jaya (SEGi University and Colleges) in collaboration with KRU Masterclass will cater to the needs of today’s digital marketing by providing the trainees with an in-depth approach to prepare them in becoming more effective in implementing digital marketing strategies, content creation and to gain competitive advantages. It also will equip the trainees with required industry knowledge and skills to face challenges towards becoming a global digital entrepreneur.

3D Animation, Video Editing, Performing Arts, E-Commerce
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3D Animation, Video Editing, Performing Arts, E-Commerce

8 modules — 61 topics — 8 months of studying. The course takes place on week days, with an online worldwide broadcast. All classes are held live with the opportunity to ask your questions. If you miss a lesson, you can view its recording in your personal account.

Learn the principles of advertising…. Its 3 key objectives… Inform…. Persuade…. Remind…. and the tools to help you achieve these objectives. Hear about the various tools that work in different market environments and circumstances.

In Content Creation, you will learn the tools of how to transform your ideas into producing content that resonates the message you wish to impart…. How to capture the attention of audiences.

Brand management will show you various ways to  create a value proposition for your brand – how to position it and how to project its values.

In e-Commerce strategy, you will plan on how to develop e-Commerce journey for a wide range of audiences.. creating a seamless experience…. at your online store front.. yet managing the work flow from orders.. to  stock.. to delivery.

Learn how to use digital technology to ensure news of your products reach your target market. Identify the processes involved in e-Marketing … the role of e-Marketing and different types of e-Marketing.

In Live Stream production, you will take a closer look at the setup and tools required to create an online live streaming. In this current environment,  live streaming is now more important than ever… as it is a way for you to connect with your audience.

It all  starts with the core principles of digital marketing.  Looks cohesively at one’s overall game plan… and how you will achieve it…. How to reach prospective customers and convert them to customers…. using the cornerstones of digital strategy

Technopreneurship… a fusion of “Technology” and “Entrepreneurship”.  Leverage of technology to reach customers effectively.  Discover concepts essential to understand new mechanisms of digital business and innovation in the current environment.

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Be the Protégé of Industry Mentors


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