English for Professionals (Communication)

Course Overview

In the globalised business world, communicating effectively and confidently in English is expected of any professional from any industry. The essential skills for impactful communications is not purely for the sole objective of sending business messages across, but also to warm up the conversation through friendly small talk.

Learn the art and ability to move seamlessly from small talks to managing discussions productively and eventually to pitching ideas to prospective clients.


English (Assistance in Malay)


Beginner and/or Intermediate

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, trainees will be able to:

  • Effectively converse
  • Improve clarity in expressing thoughts and opinions
  • Improve conversational skills to achieve business goals
  • Improve confidence for verbal communications with internal and external parties
  • Gauge and certify level of language proficiency through Cambridge Linguaskill online test

Training Methodology

  • How to be a good presenter
  • Power presenter
  • Conversation session/game
  • Business collocation/game
  • Say it right!
  • Powerful, convincing e-mails/game

Course Content

Day 1

Module 1: The Basic Of English Pronunciation

  • Pronunciation
  • Syllable identification
  • Intonation
  • Stress – word and sentence

Module 2: Self-Introduction And Communicating

  • Knowing your audience
  • Breaking the ice
  • Dealing with nervousness

Day 2

Module 3: Managing A Discussion

  • What makes a good discussion
  • Brainstorming

Module 4: Presentation Skills

  • The use of visuals
  • Describing trends
  • Strategies for a good conclusion


A preparation workshop of 2 hours to guide learners on the linguaskill speaking module.

Language Proficiency Test

Participants sit for Linguaskill Business – Speaking module to evaluate their proficiency and skills.