Creative Video Production

Course Overview

In the digital world, the skills for producing professional-looking videos to be uploaded on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube is no longer a task to be outsourced. As messages and responses need to be delivered quickly and accurately, organizations are expected to have personnel with a basic understanding of digital video production.

With basic skills and techniques in videography and editing for video production, one will be able to plan, execute and edit high quality DIY videos with cost effective solutions including the use of mobile devices for videography and video editing.

This course is suitable for those taking their first steps into basic video production. You will learn to understand your audience and recognize the elements of a good video. Furthermore, you will be exposed to various techniques of storyboarding, video compositions, and audio and video editing through hands-on practice and activities. You will also cover the technological aspects of video production such as the use of mobile devices, and video editing tools.




Beginner and/or Intermediate

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, trainees will be able to:

  • Understand the video production process based on project requirements
  • Apply professional video production and editing techniques
  • Apply the composition and lighting principles
  • Deliver the final video output

Training Methodology

  • Lecture
  • Demonstration
  • Case Study
  • Role Play
  • Discussion
  • Student Centered Learning

Course Content

Day 1

Module 1: Defining Storyboard Brief

  • Camera Shot
  • Camera Angle
  • Camera Movement
  • Staging/Composition

Module 2: Camera Production

  • Camera Essentials
  • Moving Camera
  • Equipment
  • Sound
  • Light

Day 2

Module 3: Video And Audio Editing

  • Editing techniques and tools
  • Set-up project file management
  • Assess library arrangement
  • Assess layering system
  • Audio editing techniques and tools
  • Determining output requirements
  • Set-up render attribute
  • Determine output setting