Visual Effects

Computer Visual Effects (known as VFX) have become very popular over the past two decades thereby enabling directors and screenwriters tell larger than life stories beyond our wildest imagination. The specialized skills help filmmakers bring their vision to screen and are very much sought after in the modern era of filmmaking.

Apart from films, these specialized skills are also used in the production of television commercials, television programs, music videos, video games and other forms of video content.

Module :

  • Motion Graphic Design
  • Rotoscoping
  • Compositing

Trainer : Hussin Khan
Examination : No
Certification : KRU Masterclass
Software : Nuke, Adobe After Effects
Fee : Celebrity
1 day – RM 680
2 days – RM 1180
3 days – RM 1580
1 day – RM 480
2 days – RM 880
3 days – RM 1180