Video Editing

Video Editing is a post production process which involves the manipulation and arrangement of video shots to structure and present captivating content in the form of feature film, television show, commercial, music video, etc.

During post-production, the role of the Video Editor is of utmost importance whereby he/she regularly works hand-in-hand with the Director to craft an interesting flow of storytelling, apart from solving creative and/or technical issues which may have arisen during production.

Module :

  • Offline Visual Editing
  • Online Visual Editing
  • Audio Sweetening
  • Shooting Composition

Trainer : Isazaly Mohamed Isa
Examination : No
Certification : KRU Masterclass
Software : Final Cut Pro
Fee : Celebrity
1 day – RM 680
2 days – RM 1180
3 days – RM 1580
1 day – RM 480
2 days – RM 880
3 days – RM 1180